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Looking for a Well-Built, Affordable, and Comfortable Home?

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Looking for a Well-Built, Affordable, and Comfortable Home?  Buy a Factory built home.

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If you have never considered a Manufactured Home then you owe it to yourself to investigate the quality and amenities they offer today.  The factory built homes now are simply better than site built. Manufactured Homes are constructed to specific Wind, Thermal and Roof Load Zones depending on the region and they can handle the travel from where they are constructed to where they will be sited for their new owners.

The large house sections you see on the highways are generally one of two main types of factory built dwellings which differ in the building codes to which they are constructed.  First, Manufactured Homes are built to the nationally pre-emptive Federal “HUD Code”.  The second type Modular Homes, are built to state specific codes.  Manufactured Homes are built on their own transportation system.  Modular homes have a detachable transportation system.  Once completed both homes are virtually indistinguishable in finish and appearance when built to the same standard.

Consider the following advantages of affordable, factory-built homes:

  • Constructed in a climate and weather controlled environment.

  • Constructed with specialized labor.

  • Lumber is precisely cut to fit reducing cost and minimizing waste.

  • Walls, roofs and floor systems are built to maximize energy efficiency.

  • Materials are purchased efficiently in large quantities.

  • Extra strength is built into each home to ensure durability during transportation.

  • Mostly any finish and options can be built into your new home.

  • On-site additions complement the completed house you desire including porches, decks and garages.

A well-built home not only stands the test of time but is more comfortable and affordable through its energy efficiency.  Come to one of Jensen’s Open Houses to see and experience the difference of a manufactured home for people aged 55+.  Besides the superior construction, you will discover homes with style, efficiency and convenience to fit your lifestyle.


Kris Jensen III

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