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Comparing Manufactured and Site-Built Homes

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Homes come in all sizes and shapes, large and small. Traditionally, houses have been framed and finished on a specific lot. Sometimes termed "site-built," these homes are governed by local building codes, and inspected by local building, electric, plumbing and HVAC officials at various stages during the construction. Owners can only move in after issuance of a "certificate of occupancy' that confirms state code compliance. 

Manufactured Homes, on the other hand, are built off-site in a factory. Attached to a permanent steel frame, they are trucked to their site on their own wheels, where they can be placed on a permanent foundation. Manufactured housing today is built to meet nationwide standards of quality and safety set by the "HUD Code." Two or more sections can be joined together on site, and the setup of the homes are typically inspected by local authorities to confirm that set up requirements established by the manufacturer are correctly completed and plumbing and electrical hookups are made properly.

Modular homes, a third category of housing today, are also factory-built in sections, trucked to the final site and joined together by local contractors. It is often difficult to tell the difference between the different types of housing. 

All of the homes are “stick-built”, manufactured and modular homes are just stick-built in a climate controlled setting and greater economies of scale. 

Benefits of Manufactured Homes

The primary variance between traditional site-built housing and manufactured homes is the price.

  • If you are buying in a land lease community, you get more home for your dollar with a manufactured home.
  • Manufactured homes are every bit as stylish and attractive as their site-built counterparts, with sophisticated floor plans and varied architectural features.
  • Stringent controls govern safety and quality standards and all homes are engineered for thermal, snow load and wind conditions based on the local in which they will be sited.
  • Manufactured homes boast extensive options. Garages, porches, sunrooms and other specialty add-ons can be constructed on site and seamlessly integrated with pre-finished components.
  • Manufactured homes are energy-efficient, safe, and built of eco-friendly materials. In addition, the construction time frame is shorter.

Jensen Communities feature manufactured homes for all of the above reasons. Our satisfied residents -- from New Hampshire to Georgia -- testify to their "curb appeal, style, comfort and affordability. Why not visit a local community to see for yourself?


Posted by Anne Hardy on
We currently live at Jensen’s in Little River SC . I agree with the previous blog however most insurance companies will not insure MANUFACTRED homes. Why is that ? If they are built to code? Just wondering if anyone has ever reached out to the big insurance companies like STATE FARM,ALLSTATE,ETC. ? When we purchased our home about a year ago none of the big name insurance companies would insure a MANUFACTURED home.
Posted by Kim on
Ms. Hardy – Thank you for your comment and question on home insurance at Jensen’s Country Lakes in Little River SC.

Insurance companies generally focus on specific lines or types of insurance. This is no different for companies that insure Manufactured Homes which is somewhat of a niche market. The best companies to insure, finance or work on Manufactured Housing are those that have the most knowledge and interest. Being in a coastal zone also plays a role in what companies will insure a home.

From other customers, we understand the following companies write insurance for homeowners at County Lakes: (1)Peninsula Underwriters PO Box 357986 Gainesville, FL 32635. The residents contact man is Mr. Rodrigo Olmedo (866)-791-9016; (2) Beach Insurance Agency 450 Highway 90 East Little River, SC 29566 (843)-663-5433 contact: Sexton Christy: (3) Paladin Insurance Group 889 Inlet Square Dr. Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 contact Nancy Wilson (843)-651-7111 Please contact them directly for more information.

Modern-day manufactured homes perform very well in storm events as they are built to the requirements of the location where the home will be sited for Wind, Thermal and Roof Loads. Also, the SC installation requirements help to keep you and your home safe in all types of weather.

Thank you again for your comment and please feel free to contact Community Manager Don at the local office if you require more information.

Jensen Communities
Posted by Nanette Venditti on
How much is lot rent at garden city
Posted by kwoodruff on
Nanette - Thank you for your question about the lot rent at our Garden City Beach community. The best person to answer that question is Christine MacLeod and she can be reached at 800-238-6565 or email at

Jensen Communities
Posted by Pamela on
I just have a few questions regarding Jensen homes in Southington and Plainville Connecticut:

If I wanted to purchase a custom built will they build a “double wide” home?

Do they build them with garages?

Are there any restrictions for the property? Such as no clothes lines?
Posted by kwoodruff on
If we have lots available we can build a multi-sectional home. As far as garages the best person to answer that question is Ingrid who is the sales person and she can be reached at 800-458-6832. Thank You
Posted by Darlene' Torres on
What is the wind zone in the Jensen Community in Larson, S.C.? Also what wind speed can these homes handle??
Posted by kwoodruff on
Ladson is located in wind zone 2. For more information about wind zones and manufactured home standards, Clayton Homes published an informative article and the wind zone maps for the United States. In short, each home built in our communities follows the wind zone standards for those areas.
Posted by Jeanne Maltas on
Want to buy a place $75000 cash