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About Factory Built Homes

Today’s building and transportation technology allows for sophisticated homes to be built in a factory setting and then moved to a permanent home site. Manufactured homes are built to the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard (HUD Code), and are required to meet strict thermal, snow load and wind zone requirements for the areas in which they will be located.

Our New Home Standards

Jensen sells homes at three different price points and standards. All new homes have asphalt shingled roofs, vinyl or aluminum thermo pane windows, and vinyl siding/trim, giving them a similar appearance when mixed in the same community.


Our traditional models are single sectional homes that are delivered without the need for much on-site finish. These homes typically include: fixed roof pitches typically at least 3/12, vinyl covered drywall interior with batten strips (rather than painted drywall), drywall ceilings, modest plastic or composite wood trim, and basic floor plans and features. Aluminum sunrooms and pods may be used with these homes as well.


Our classic models are two-section homes (some single section homes) with some on-site finish. These homes typically include: hinged roofs for steeper (4/12+) roof pitches, painted drywall interior walls and ceilings, and white six-panel doors (trim is more residential in appearance). Floor plans offer additional features, and allow for porches, garages and various sunrooms (including aluminum rooms, site built rooms and pods).


Our premium models are all two section homes. These homes typically include: raised steeper roof pitches (typically 4.5/12+), interior doors, trim, drywall, painting and/or carpeting completed on site, and residential trim with both white and wood six-panel doors. Sophisticated floor plans allow for integrated porches, garages and site built (and some aluminum) rooms.

Please note: this explanation of our Traditional, Classic and Premium Standards will give you a general idea of each level, the actual home standards are detailed by each Jensen community and home manufacturer. Please consult the particular standards for the actual house details included with your contract.    


At Jensen we pride ourselves on distinctive landscaping throughout our communities. We work hard to keep attractive entrance ways and common areas including clubhouses and recreational amenities.

Each new home is complemented with foundation plantings to enhance the home’s curb appeal and value. All home site lot lines are planted with a patterned mixture of shade trees, evergreens and flowering shrubs to produce comfort, privacy and year round color. While all live plants contribute to a yard’s maintenance, we strive for plantings that fit the area. Keep in mind that Jensen does the heavy lifting with tree trimming so you can sit back and enjoy your home site. Maintenance responsibilities may vary by community agreement.