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About Us

In 1927, less than two years after he emigrated from Denmark to the United States, Kristian Jensen, Sr. started Jensen's, Inc., an automobile business.  He soon responded to a need for new houses and began selling mobile and manufactured homes to retirees and first time buyers.  Developing and managing communities was recognized as a logical extension of the corporation and soon became the entire operation.

We expanded from Connecticut to South Carolina, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia and New York in that order.  Jensen's has always managed communities for older people, and we adopted the 55 and over status in most of our communities in 1988 with the FHA Act.  It has been a great transition from the mobile homes and parks of years gone by to the modern manufactured houses and communities of today.

Our corporate office is located in Southington, Connecticut where all of our financial and corporate policy matters are handled.  We have area Vice Presidents in charge of the various states and a trained manager for each community. Shown in the photo above are: Seated Left to Right: Assistant Vice President-James Sonday, President-Kristian Jensen III, Vice President-Keith Jensen; Middle Row Left to Right: Treasurer-Alan Krieger, Vice President-Joseph Esposito, Director of Sales-Patrick Crocetta; Back Row Left to Right: Director of Marketing-Raymond Finocchio, Vice President-Tom Flanders, Assistant Vice President-Michael Kane. 

Currently there are 31 JENSEN communities®.  A few of these were started by others, purchased by us and upgraded to our standards.  Most we developed from inception.  We continue to look for new opportunities.

Our financial stability is excellent.  Dun and Bradstreet gave us a rating of 4A2, and our banking relationships with Webster Bank in Connecticut and Bank of America in South Carolina are envied by many.  We are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce in each of our locations.  In addition, we encourage our officers to be active in state and regional trade associations, thereby making the latest industry developments immediately available to our personnel and residents.

Jensen is a privately held company and like all corporations, we have a Board of Directors supervising overall policy.  Kristian Jensen III is President and CEO.

We promote a corporate culture where ideas are brought to the table from all levels, and we encourage a sense of responsibility in all our associates. 

Each Jensen community is a desirable place to live.  We have a tradition of on-going improvement programs in each community.  Our senior officers provide their knowledge and experience to younger management to assure continuity from generation to generation. We encourage you to check our "track record" with local business leaders in the communities where we are located.  While we're very proud of our past, we are extremely enthusiastic about our future.  Please join us and the thousands of people who call a Jensen community their home.

Community Standards...for your Peace of Mind

Our top priority is to provide the best community environment at a reasonable cost to our residents.  To achieve this goal, we’ve established community standards – rules and regulations aimed at encouraging an active lifestyle yet affording a high quality of life and privacy for all our residents.  They also ensure well-kept communities offering unmatched beauty and serenity.  All of these factors contribute to the high resale value of our homes.

Current residents confirm that the two most important factors influencing their selection of a Jensen community, and what continues to bring them peace of mind, are the community standards and the friendliness of our residents.  In addition, our residents are homeowners – not renters – and that adds stability, permanence and a sense of pride to the neighborhood.

After giving this careful consideration, we hope you’ll agree a Jensen community is the place to call home.

Buy Home/Lease Land

Buying a home and leasing the land has distinct advantages.  As you reach your retirement years, typically your income levels off from your peak earning period, and you must seriously consider methods of leveraging your assets to your best advantage.

Whether your money is from a nest egg saved over the years, profit from wise investments or the sale of your long-time home, is it in your best interest to tie up a substantial portion of it in the purchase of land?

Consider your options.  One is to commit a large amount to the purchase of an individual lot, the other is to purchase a less labor-intensive home on leased land and keep your funds available for other purposes.

Land ownership can be an expensive way to live due to high property taxes and maintenance requirements.  In addition, it ties up your funds – money you can utilize only by selling the land or taking out an additional mortgage.  You need to look at the entire picture – financial, lifestyle and maintenance.  Also consider who pays for maintenance, trash pickup, street lights, tree and shrub trimming, rubbish removal, and driveway replacement?  And will there be professional management on site to help you in the future?

Property ownership is important to some people.  Others enjoy the lifestyle advantages offered by a land lease community with protective standards.  Evaluate your options.  We expect you will find JENSEN communities® to be the right choice.

Answers to the most Commonly Asked Questions

What are the advantages of land lease?

The land lease arrangement allows you to own your own single-family home for true privacy and independence while keeping the funds normally spent on the land purchase available for other purposes.  In addition, you have the assurance that community standards will be carefully maintained, you can enjoy the community social and recreational amenities, and you will live in a beautiful country setting only minutes from shopping and medical service and area attractions.

Are there assurances that Jensen communities® will not sell the land to someone else?

Creating and managing Land-Lease Communities is our only business, and our history has been to maintain ownership as a long-term investment – not buying and selling properties.  Our three generations of family leadership and over 80 years of history demonstrate this clearly.

Why should we buy a home and lease the land?

Owning your home has proven benefits and the land lease enables you to enjoy a superior lifestyle and buy a higher quality home at a lower cost.  Jensen’s does the heavy lifting like tree work, shrub trimming, and utility maintenance.  You can therefore have the independence of single family home ownership but without the aggravation of owning your own land.  Your investment is also far lower because you’re not purchasing the land.

What does the monthly fee include?

Although this varies somewhat by the particular amenities and services available in each community, the fee generally covers leasing the home site, use of recreational facilities, rubbish collection, tree and shrub trimming, street lighting, land taxes, repair and maintenance of underground utilities, and maintenance of all common areas including roadways.  Also included in some locations are security, water and/or sewer.

Can the monthly fee change and by how much?

Yes, the monthly fee increases annually.  We keep increases limited to the amount necessary to maintain high community standards and services that our residents demand.

What are fee increases based on?

Increases are based on: the Consumer Price Index (CPI); controllable costs such as maintenance and payroll; and hard-to-control costs such as utility charges, land taxes, rubbish costs and insurance expenses.

Is there a cap on increases?

No, there is neither an upper nor lower cap on fee changes.  However, our company history has been to limit increases to only the amount necessary to cover cost increases and maintain a reasonable profit margin.

Can our family and friends stay and visit with us?

Yes, we have no restrictions on guests other than they are required to abide by the same rules as our residents.  Many grandparents say “We love to see our grandchildren come and love to see them go home as well.”  A benefit of our “55 and over” locations.

Are all your rules actually enforced?

Yes.  Residents move to a Jensen Community because of our community standards and the stability good rules create within the community environment.  These standards were written based on our experience managing 31 communities, and input from past and present residents.  It’s our obligation to you to ensure that they are enforced.

Are house pets allowed?

We are a pet friendly community and allow a single small dog or cat per home.

How are resale homes sold?

Residents can sell their homes by listing with Jensen communities, through an agent, or independently.  In the case of an estate, the inheritor(s) may move into the home provided they meet all the applicable entry requirements or may sell the home to another qualified party.


"People Have Told Us..."

"Jensens has exceeded our expectations both in the construction and attention to detail in our new home and in the caring and professionalism of the staff."

Harvey and Christine
- Jensen's Country Lakes - Little River/N. Myrtle Beach, SC

 "We absolutely love our home! The craftsmanship is superb and the landscaping is beautifully done. We are extremely happy to be living in such a beautiful community."

Mike and Lois
- Jensen's Brook Ridge - Hooksett, NH

"I love my home here! Much better than Ohio!"

- Jensen's Southern Palms - Ladson, SC

"We have had no desire to live anywhere else. We have always known of the Jensen reputation for order, beauty and privacy; thus it made our decision easy."

Ernest and Jane
- Jensen's Hemlocks - Tilton, NH

"The management is great, anything you want done...just ask and you seems. You know they're good people"

- Jensen's Cherrywood - Clinton, NY

"This was the best move we made, when deciding to downsize. Every day is like being on vacation."

Mike and Maureen
- Jensen's Forest Hill - Southington, CT

"It is a pleasure to be a part of the Hillcrest community. The neighbors whom we have met are happy and friendly, obviously because of the TLC attitude of the people who worked hard to help them make each house a home."

George and Carolyn
- Jensen's Hillcrest - Uncasville, CT

"I love the socials at the "Club House", and now I am playing Canasta, which I can't believe I am doing."

- Jensen's Coastal Plantation - Hampstead, NC

"This home is our retirement dream come true and we would highly recommend Jensen's to anyone looking to do the same."

Tony and Linda
- Jensen's Country Lakes - Little River/N. Myrtle Beach, SC


We have a rich tradition of providing comfortable living. These benefits pay off for our residents:

· Jensen Communities has proven over an eighty year track record it is a careful and conscientious developer and property manager.

· Choose from 31 communities from New Hampshire to Georgia.

· Enjoy convenient locations just minutes from shopping, medical services, golf and great local attractions.

· Distinctive community entrances and beautiful landscaping.

· Live among others of similar interests and lifestyle appreciation in our designated “55 and over” communities.

· Get involved in community social activities and recreational amenities.

· Own your home.

· Plant a flower or vegetable garden while leaving the tree and shrub pruning to us.

·  Brand new, low-maintenance ranch-style homes.

· Convenient, one-floor living. 

· Energy-efficient homes with central heating and air conditioning systems.

· Convert your current home equity into the simple luxuries of a home in a Jensen Community.  Keep the extra aside for other purposes.

· All new homes covered by a warranty.